Performance-Values Assessment

Is yours a high performance, values-aligned corporate culture?

I know who my primary internal and external customers are.

Internal customers are staff you serve INSIDE your company. External customers are those OUTSIDE your company.

My direct boss holds everyone accountable for their commitments.

I understand our team's purpose - our "reason for being."

Use your immediate team - not your whole company - when answering "team" questions.

I know what my primary internal and external customers expect of me.

My direct boss provides me with effective performance coaching.

My direct boss provides praise regularly for effort as well as accomplishment.

Fair consequences are applied if I miss performance targets.

I am held accountable to meet or exceed performance expectations.

I am held accountable for modeling our team's values in every interaction.

Our team has defined what a "good team citizen" acts like.

My direct boss is honest in her/his dealings with me.

My team's values are in line with my personal values.

I demonstrate our company values in all interactions with bosses, peers, and customers.

My direct boss listens well, even if the message is "bad news."

My direct boss is available to me if I have questions or comments.

Organizational systems, policies, and procedures help me attain peak performance.

I understand what is expected of me at work.

My direct boss demonstrates our organization's values in all interactions with leaders, peers, employees, and customers.

My direct boss hold herself/himself to the same high standards that exist for all company staff.

I am proud to work for my team.