IPA Triennial World Conference Volunteer Opportunities

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The 20th Annual International Play Association Triennial World Conference is coming to Calgary! The Conference will bring together dedicated play researchers, practitioners and advocates from around the globe to celebrate play, understand its many benefits and provide all children with the chance to engage in rich, meaningful, free play…every day.

The Importance of Play

Play is fundamental to all aspects of child development and is a key component in preserving community and culture. Children’s play presents rich opportunities for their social, physical moral and emotional development and as such, must be preserved and protected. Through play children explore cause and effect and gradually build a knowledge base that cannot be taught through structured learning activities. Play is a vehicle for the development of creativity and flexibility, invaluable qualities in human development.

Why Volunteer?

We are looking for dedicated volunteers who want to support this once in a lifetime Conference which will feature a variety of volunteer positions supporting exciting Play advocacy events across Calgary. This event will feature leading experts in the field of Play with membership in nearly 60 different countries and will be your chance to show our playful Canadian spirit by hosting delegates from across the globe. Please join us in hosting the world by creating a legacy of Play.