PACT Parental Consent Survey

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How do parental consent requirements affect you?

PACT is a UNAIDS-supported collaboration of 25 youth-led and youth-serving organisations that are passionate about and committed to young people’s sexual and reproductive health rights, including access to HIV services. In order to make our advocacy more effective, PACT wants to understand more about how parental consent requirements impact upon young people’s rights and access to health services.

Parental consent requirements require young people under a certain age to have a parent’s or, in some cases, a guardian’s consent before they can access certain health services. Sometimes these laws are applied only in relation to certain sexual and reproductive health or harm reduction services. Sexual and reproductive (SRH) services include: contraception, STI testing and treatment, abortion, HIV testing and treatment, counselling, emergency contraception, pre- and post-natal care, obstetric or gynaelogical care for women and urological care for men.

Harm reduction services for a person who uses drugs are services that aim to reduce the harms associated with drug use, including HIV infection.  Needle and syringe programmes that provide clean injecting equipment and opiate substitution therapy, such as methadone, are two essential harm reduction services proven to prevent HIV infection. Parental consent requirements are also sometimes applied to harm reduction services.

We want to hear first-hand experiences from young people who have been affected by parental consent requirements. We also want to hear from young people who live in countries that don’t have parental consent laws and those who have experiences to share of accessing the sexual and reproductive health services they need. If you haven’t been affected personally by parental consent requirements, you can still participate by providing your opinions on a few questions.

These data are confidential. You are not required to provide any contact information or your name when responding. These data will be used to inform PACT’s advocacy efforts and to strengthen the youth HIV/SRH movement around the world. At the end of the survey, there will be an opportunity for you to get involved as well. Thank you in advance for your contributions!