Tracking Weight Lifting Workouts

Are you a bodybuilder? Is your goal to build a strong body or/and to look great? Have you ever struggle to log your workouts and track your results? You are not alone! We are working hard on the design of the tracking system especially for you. Please answer these simple 13 questions, and we promise - we will create what you are asking for.

1. Have you ever considered to log your workout in the gym using a smartphone to be able to track your progress or for any other reason?

2. Would you use a wearable device in the gym to log/track your weight lifting exercises?

If Yes, you would wear:

3. If this wearable device takes care of reps, sets, recovery time, but will need a little bit of guidance from smartphone, such as entering your exercise name, will you still use it?

4. Are Supersets and Split Sets part of your routine?

5. Think of wristband/bracelet. Is smaller better?

6. If outside of the gym this wristband is just a watch, do you care whether it:

7. Would you like to log/track:

8. Would you give voice commands to your wristband or phone while working out in the gym (for example, “start bicep curls”, “enter weight 35 pound”)?

9. Would you consider buying wristband (exercise tracker) and smartphone application it if the price over $100?

10. Your smartphone is:

11. Are you currently using, or planning to use, an activity tracker?

12. You would say you are:

13. You are: