Survey for non-francophone parents

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Thank you for participating! The answers of each parent are really important and will be confidential. Please respond to the questions in each category if you are a parent or guardian of a child attending a French minority language school and you did NOT learn French as a first language and you did NOT receive your primary education in a francophone school.  DO participate if you were in French immersion or core French.

Please respond with only YOUR answer, not that of a partner. The information collected will help us understand the experience and involvement of non-francophone parents and identify successes and challenges faced by families at this school.

Thank you for your time and participation and I encourage you to participate in our focus group discussion and interviews explained at the end of the survey.I will donate $10 to your school library for every parent focus group that meets with me.

Section A: General Information
By completing and submitting your survey, you have given consent to participate in this research.

Question 1a - Are you a non-francophone parent?

Francophone means raised speaking French in my family or I was educated in a French school (not immersion) for my primary education.

Non-francophone means I was not raised speaking French in my family and I was not educated in a French school for my primary education (you are still non-francophone if you attended French immersion education).

Question 1b - What school do your children attend?

École Pierre-ChiassonL’École-sur-MerÉcole ÉvangélineÉcole Saint-AugustinÉcole François-BuoteL’école La-Belle-Cloche