Should the "Live Music Capital of the World" have a World Class Music & Recording Museum?

The Museum of Magnetic Sound Recording is looking for public input regarding the creation of their new Austin, Texas museum.  The museum is an approved 501(c)3 non-profit organization.  

MOMSR's goals:
1  Preservation of vintage sound recording devices, their documentation and restoration
2  Education by providing interactive displays, demonstrations, historical multimedia, web resources and a library
3  Celebration of the inventors, manufacturers, engineers, producers, musicians, broadcasters, educators and scientists in the areas of recorded sound.

Description: The Museum of Magnetic Sound Recording (MOMSR) was founded to preserve vintage sound recording devices. The initial concept was to enable a private collection of 180 vintage tape recorders to become available to the public in a permanent Austin, Texas museum.  The magnetic tape recorder is significant because it facilitated the transition from acoustic recording (wax cylinder and vinyl records) to magnetic tape.   Tape not only captured higher quality sound, it also enabled seamless editing.  The tape recorder was first produced in Germany in 1935.  It was replaced by cassettes and CDs by the 1970's, although high end R2R models continue to be used in studios around the globe.
We believe that the Museum could become a world class facility encompassing the recording devices (acoustic, magnetic and digital), as well as, the recording source content including music, broadcasting, education and science. There are serious collections of music history, musician memorabilia, radio and broadcasting artifacts in the Austin area that could be brought together in a permanent public facility. The museum could potentially also celebrate the lives of significant individuals in the related industries. Is this museum viable for Austin, Texas, the "Live Music Capital of the World?" Please help us determine the museum's future!

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