Office 365 Questionnaire

Nest Survey for Office 365 Helps you deploy office 365 on your terms.
Select the Office 365 features that are right for your business Which features are right for you?
Select your user management option(s). How will you manage user accounts?
Select your email migration option. Want to bring your existing email with you to Office 365?
How many Mailboxes you have?
The email domain is everything to the right of the "@" sign your email address.
Do you have access to change the DNS records for your email, or know who does have that access? Public DNS record
What are the Platforms / Devices currently on your environment ?
Are there any applications that send email through Exchange accounts? 3rd Party application, mail rely ..etc
Are there mailboxes that multiple users have access to?
Are there any devices that scan to email (multifunction devices)? Multifunction devices require TLS capabilities to send via Office 365.
For a computer to work with Office 365, it must have the following minimum specifications or better: Windows Vista SP2 or better. Windows 7 Professional or better is recommended; Outlook 2007 SP3 or better; Internet Explorer version 9 or better. All machines must be up-to-date with Microsoft patching. Can you confirm that all computers meet or exceed these requirements?