Experiences of Queer Muslims

This project examines how Queer Muslims in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) experience safety, community, and identity. All responses are anonymous and completely confidential.

"Experiences of Queer Muslims" is one of 8 community based research projects being conducted by the Outburst! team. The overall purpose of the research is (i) to investigate the spectrum of violence (systemic, institutional, familial, interpersonal) that young Muslim women experience, and (ii) to identify the ways in which young Muslim women define and access safety iii) to bear witness to the ways in which young Muslim women are resistant to violence and resilient through art, sport, community building and critical connections.

Outburst! is an award-winning program of the Barbra Schlifer Commemorative Clinic (BSCC), which provides legal representation, professional counselling and multilingual interpretation to 5000 women each year. The Outburst! Community-Based Research Project (OCRP) has received funding from the Laidlaw Foundation for research training, implementation and dissemination. 
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Do you identify as Muslim (whether spiritually, religiously, culturally, and/or politically)?