Tablet and Smartphone Books for Children Survey


   This is a survey on your views on the use of tablets or smartphones to create children's books. I am creating one for ages 3 to 8 from a completed paper copy as seen in this picture.    I would really appreciate your thoughts on what you and your children would like to see in digital formats. The survey is completely anonymous and will really help me gain a perspective from the people who will end up downloading and reading the book.

How old are you?

How old are your children?

If your children cover more than one age range please tick more than one answer.

Which of the following statements about digital children's books do you agree with?

Do you think children's digital books are more fun than traditional paper versions?

Do you or your children read digital books?

How often do you and your child read digital children's books?

Where do you download your books from?

When purchasing digital children's books do you pay for them?

Please select only one answer as an average if you buy from more than one price range.

How do you like the pages to turn on tablet and smart phone children's books?

Select as many answers as you think apply.

Do you or your child like simple animation and interaction in a digital book?

Please use these short video clips alongside to get a basic idea of what you may prefer. You can choose more than one if you can't decide by selecting the boxes below.

VIDEO 1: No I just want a basic book please!

VIDEO 2: Yes minimal animation to help keep a child focused.

VIDEO 3: Yes a bit more animation with some interaction.

VIDEO 4: Yes loads of interaction with longer animation sequences.

Do you or your child like games and puzzles related to the story built into the book?

What best describes your views of narration in children's books?

Select any answers that you think fit your view.

Would you enjoy a book more if a famous person were to narrate it?

For example Stephen Fry or Emma Thompson.

What are your views on how text in digital children's books is displayed?

Select any answers that you agree with.