May 29 Webinar

Your preferences for a group session in the Toledo region of the May 29 Rosenfeld Summit webinar.

About the webinar

The Rosenfeld Summit webinar is "31 Awesomely Practical UX Tips" from 6 well-known user experience experts. It will be May 29th from 10am to 5pm. The tentative schedule is:

10am Steve Krug, usability tips
11am Whitney Quesenbery, content tips
Noon Jeffrey Eisenberg, marketing tips
1pm Lunch
2pm Susan Weinschenk, psychology tips
3pm Aarron Walter, testing tips
4pm Luke Wroblewski, interaction tips

Please learn more about the webinar from Rosenfeld Media and Environments for Humans before continuing with this survey.

Interest in attending

Ignoring the price (for the time being), how interested are you in attending the webinar with others in the Toledo region?


An individual ticket is $179. A group can pay $479, project it, and have many people attend. A group can get sponsors to pay and/or split the cost evenly among attendees.

Let us know how much you are willing to pay to be part of the group ticket.


There are several places where we could meet to watch the webinar. Please check the locations that are likely to work for you.


What would you like to do for lunch? There will be about an hour break during the webinar.

We would love to get some sponsors to defray some or all of the costs for individuals. If your company or organization is willing to be a sponsor, please tell us who you are. Or, suggest someone who you think might be interested. We will look into it!

Feel free to add your thoughts and comments.

Provide your email address if you want to hear about the webinar plans directly. You can also follow @UXToledoRegion on Twitter. Or contact keithinstone@gmail.com.