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Get More Out of Your Feedback! Turn Positive Survey Responses into Third Party Company Recommendations

If you asked a research expert what a customer feedback survey’s purpose is he’d probably brush the sandwich crumbs off his shirt and say something along the lines of, “Collecting information for the purpose of guiding management into taking the correct course of action in decision making and planning.” Then he would swivel his chair back to his computer screen and continue crunching numbers into pretty pie charts and line graphs.

The research expert is right, creating and measuring company goals is a powerful and irreplaceable use of customer feedback. But the benefits of gathering satisfaction and loyalty feedback doesn’t stop there. The fact is, there are plenty of ways to make use of feedback surveys that go beyond research and into the realms of promotion, process management and beyond. In this article, we will go over how to turn your positive feedback into a source of rich quality recommendations.

The Power of Online Recommendations

It’s human nature to look to others for insights when making decisions. This is especially the case when it comes to committing to a business’s service or product. In today’s era of widely used review sites like and, the present day consumer can gain bipartisan advice on just about anything. What’s more, studies show that people are truly taking advantage of these sites. In 2012, 72% of consumers said that they trust online customer reviews just as much as an in-person recommendations, while only 24% of people claimed to not use online reviews at all (Andersen, 2012).

These statistics make it all the more important to ensure your most satisfied and loyal customers are providing their perspectives on these high traffic online review sites. The more positive your company’s image is on these sites, the more likely you are to gain new positive customers.

Converting Positive Feedback into Recommendations Using FluidSurveys

So you have your customer satisfaction or net promoter survey set up on your FluidSurveys account and are ready to begin collecting feedback. Before you make your survey live, there are a couple tweaks you should make in the survey editor to convert your most enthusiastic responses into recommendations for your company:

  1. Create a yes/no question at the bottom of the last page of your survey asking if the respondent would be willing to recommend your business on a review site related to your company. This will probably be at the bottom of your final comments box, as shown below:

    Picture 1

  2. Through the advanced branching wizard, found in the page tab of the survey editor, select your satisfaction question under the ‘Rule Condition’ section and set your condition to ‘is exactly’ and your response as ‘Very Satisfied.’ Then, under the ‘Rule Actions’ section, select ‘show a question’ and select your yes/no question:

    Picture 2

    Remember if you are using a net promoter, your conditions would instead be a 9 or 10 to show the yes/no question instead:

    Picture 3

    This will make it so only your most loyal and satisfied customers will receive your request for a recommendation on a review site.

  3. Now you can set another rule that will send anyone who selects ‘Yes’ on the recommendation request question to the review site. This is also done through the branching wizard by first selecting the ‘Add Branching Rule’ button. Then selecting the yes/no question under the ‘Rule Condition’ and the response box as ‘is yes.’ Under the ‘Rule Actions’ section, select ‘redirect to a URL’ and then cut and paste the review site’s web address in the text field:

    Picture 4

    Now when the respondent completes this page, if they responded ‘Yes’ to your request, they will be redirected to the review site to provide their positive review.

Make Your Positive Image Known

Adding the immediate request for a recommendation at the end of your survey will win over potential customers and scare your competitors as positive recommendations flood into the most popular review sites. So what are you waiting for? Get your name out there by building your duel purpose feedback survey today! As for me, I have more pie charts to make and a sandwich to eat.

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